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We sell lots of great things

Great Quality Foods

We pride ourselves in having an extensive range of fresh and home prepared foods available throughout the year.

Award Winning Cornish Pasties

Award winning freshly baked Cornish Pasties available every day.

Stonebaked Pizzas Available Daily

Over the years we have developed a reputation for great pizza.  Our pizza is made using best local ingredients and baked fresh to order.

Local Wines, Beers & Ciders

This year we have expanded our range of local beers and ciders.  The addition of new chillers also means that more lines are cold - great for your next beach BBQ.

Value Butchery & Fresh Foods

Kittows is a great local butcher and grazier who has won many awards for quality.  His meat is locally reared and delivers great value for money.

Quality Suppliers

We try where possible to support smaller and local producers alongside the mainstream brands.

Music While You Shop

Send us a link for your favourite playlist and we'll give a prize for the ones we like most? (Please remember that we have younger visitors)